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FIXED| Exceeded LOCALRELAY limit* from XYZuser (101 in the last hour) via WHM(root)| EXPLAINED|

To fix this problem you first need to know what is the reason behind this problem and why this message is displayed.

So let me tell you that there is a firewall setting in WHM to specify the maximum number. Each domain can send email per hour, so when an account has reached and exceeded its limit for sending mail, this error occurs from XYZuser (101 in the last hour) to *LOCALRELAY limit exceeded.

You can check this error from your WHM by going inside Firewall Options and clicking on Watch System Log.

How to fix *Exceeded local limit* from XYZuser (101 in last hour)

To fix this problem you need to follow some steps:

Log in to your WHM (Root) and go to Server Configuration

Click on Tweak Settings

Go to the Mail tab and specify “Maximum hourly emails per domain” and “Number of emails a domain sends per day” as you wish.

Maximum hourly emails per domain– This setting specifies the maximum number of emails each domain can send per hour.

Number of emails a domain can send per day before the system sends the notification.- This setting specifies the number of emails per day that a domain can send before the system sends the notification.

Once you define these settings you are going to receive an alert or any account that has reached the set limit.

click on save Change.

Now moving on to stop the abuse you have to edit csf.conf file located at /etc/csf/csf.conf

To go this path you need to find ConfigServer Explorer in your WHM

then you have to enter etc>>csf>>csf.conf

Edit this csf.conf file and find RT_Action

then write /etc/csf/ Inverted comma after RT_ACTION in between.

then click save.

Now you need /etc/csf . file has to be created inside

Now edit this file and write a command.

Killall -9 exim
service exim stop
mv /usr/sbin/exim /usr/sbin/exim_suspend
mv /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail_suspended

Click on Save!!

This command will stop the exim services in the whole server. You can now find and block the user who is sending bulk mails. After getting done you can again restart the exim service from the following command:

mv /usr/sbin/exim_suspend /usr/sbin/exim 
mv /usr/sbin/sendmail_suspended /usr/sbin/sendmail
service exim restart

We hope this article was enough to explain to you how to fix *Local Limit Exceeded* error XYZuser (101 in last hour) via WHM (Root).

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!!